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CAUGHT In The Act of Helping

by Mary Miller MSW, Health Freedom Advocate

     Be prepared to read the well-documented, incredible story of how an Assistant Attorney General in the State of Maine actively joined a cyber smear campaign to destroy a complementary non-invasive health technology as well as the Gentle Wind Project, a 23 year-old nonprofit organization providing the technology. The Gentle Wind Project was an internationally recognized organization known for helping people find emotional relief and balance.*

     This book is a voice of common sense and reason. As citizens of a free nation, we should have the right to try, and use, harmless, non-toxic health care products without government interference. Those who naturally resist new developments should not have the right to determine our health care choices. If you have wondered what happened to the Gentle Wind Project, CAUGHT In The Act Of Helping will tell you everything you COULD NOT find online until now. It provides a methodical presentation of the truth. 

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It’s All About Relationships!

by Mary E. Miller MSW, Health Freedom Advocate and John D. Miller MSW

     Relationships! We all have them, we all need them. Why do some work and flow naturally? Why do others require so much work and effort? Why are some life-giving and others exhausting? You ARE your relationships! Your health, wealth and well-being are all connected to your relationships. Now, you can know the secrets of healthy relationships and this knowledge can change your life!

     It’s ALL About Relationships is a self-help program aimed at reducing and perhaps eliminating the stressful relationships in your life. Relationships have long been a mystery to most people. Now it is time to take a bigger look into that proverbial peek in the crack of the cosmic egg. Each of us as a living, breathing entity is a like an electrical crystal. The body, with its high salt water content functions like a liquid crystal that resonates. This means that we each give off electrical signals. We are as unique as snowflakes (salt crystals) each with our own shape and form. As human beings we are more complex in that we each give off a unique set of electrical messages that manifest out as various personality characteristics.

     Now you can know about the 15 basic personality characteristics that interact in every relationship. It is the interaction of these personality characteristics that determine consonance and dissonance. When two people meet, there is an inner play of two electrical fields. The result is Kismet or Kiss-off! Now you can know what is going on in these fields. This knowledge will take you on the path to “blame free,? “guilt –free? and most of all “VICTIM-FREE? relationships where we are ALL okay exactly as we are! 

Cost: $29.95 + s&h
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It’s ALL About Sex: What Drives Your Sexual Engine?

by Mary Miller MSW, Health Freedom Advocate

​     SEX!!!! Truly a “hot? subject in so many ways!!! So many mysteries!!! How come some people seem to have great sex lives while others have no interest in sex at all? Why is sex so great with one partner and so lacking with another? How can you be so attracted to someone in one way and yet find so little satisfaction in the bedroom? Why is sex so infrequent even with someone you dearly love? Why does your partner find sex so fulfilling while you have the experience of something missing? The answer to all these questions comes down to one simple statement: When you are hot you are hot and when you are not there is a very good reason why you are not. 

     It’s all about the heat, the chemistry and the math. Heat plus chemistry equals great sex. No heat plus poor sexual chemistry equals unsatisfying sex or no sex at all. 

     Through this amazing ebook, It’s ALL About Sex: What Drives Your Sexual Engine?, written by a professional social worker; learn how to restart a dead or slow sexual engine. Read about remarkable insights that reveal very simple truths regarding what drives our sex lives, and our lives in general.  

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The Secrets of Transformation: 
The Math and Physics to Change Your Life!

by Mary Miller MSW, Health Freedom Advocate and John Miller MSW

     Each of us, with a few exceptions, has within us the gifts and resources to manifest a rich, satisfying life. Yet so many things can happen to a person to prevent this from happening. However, it is possible to transform our own histories and reach our greatest goals, hopes and dreams. Achieving Personal Transformation often involves much more than talking about our difficulties.

     Personal Transformation takes place in the world of particle physics. It is a psychological process but it is also a mathematical and electromagnetic process. For more than 30 years, we have been involved in researching what it takes to transform a person's life. Now, we are ready to reveal some of what we know. This book will change the way you see the world. Watch for upcoming announcements!!!

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